Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Julia Yeomans

The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics
Clarendon Laboratory

Julia Yeomans FRS is awarded the Liquid Matter Price 2024 for her pioneering role in developing models and algorithms to increase our understanding of a wide range of complex fluids and flowing biological matter.

Monica Olvera de la Cruz

Northwestern Univ. USA

Topic: Ionic Liquids, Electrolytes and Liquid Metals

Miha Ravnik

Univ. of Ljubljana Slovenia

Topic: Liquid Crystals and Anisotropic Fluids

Stefano Sacanna

New York Univ. USA

Topic: Colloids

Aksandra Radenovic

EPFL Lausanne

Topic: Liquids in Confinement, Solid-Liquid Interfaces and Wetting

Olivier Dauchot

ESPCI Paris France  

Topic: Active Matter and Driven Systems

Freddy Bouchet

CNRS Lyon France  

Topic: Liquid matter in Energy, Environmental and Climate Science

Pablo Debenedetti

Princeton Univ. USA

Topic: Water, Mixtures and Solutions

Maria Helena Godinho

Univ. of Lisbon Portugal

Topic: Polymers, Polyelectrolytes and Biopolymers

Detlef Lohse

Univ. of Twente The Netherlands

Topic: Liquid interfaces, Foams and Emulsions

Srikanth Sastry

JNC-ASR Bangalore India

Topic: Supercooled Liquids, Glasses and Gels

Frank Jülicher

MPG-PKS Germany

Topic: Biological Fluids and Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation