Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Monica Olvera de la Cruz

Northwestern Univ. USA

Topic: Ionic Liquids, Electrolytes and Liquid Metals

Miha Ravnik

Univ. of Ljubljana Slovenia

Topic: Liquid Crystals and Anisotropic Fluids

Stefano Sacanna

New York Univ. USA

Topic: Colloids

Aksandra Radenovic

EPFL Lausanne

Topic: Liquids in Confinement, Solid-Liquid Interfaces and Wetting

Olivier Dauchot

ESPCI Paris France  

Topic: Active Matter and Driven Systems

Freddy Bouchet

CNRS Lyon France  

Topic: Liquid matter in Energy, Environmental and Climate Science

Pablo Debenedetti

Princeton Univ. USA

Topic: Water, Mixtures and Solutions

Maria Helena Godinho

Univ. of Lisbon Portugal

Topic: Polymers, Polyelectrolytes and Biopolymers

Detlef Lohse

Univ. of Twente The Netherlands

Topic: Liquid interfaces, Foams and Emulsions

Srikanth Sastry

JNC-ASR Bangalore India

Topic: Supercooled Liquids, Glasses and Gels

Frank Jülicher

MPG-PKS Germany

Topic: Biological Fluids and Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation